Quality Industrial Cable Assembly Specialist



Carr Manufacturing Company, Inc. has the capabilities of providing quality custom industrial cable assembly for industrial equipment OEMs. We provide custom solutions that support your unique offerings. Our custom cable assemblies can be designed to support challenging projects like automated robotics and yield enhancement equipment. Our products are manufactured to be used in all kinds of environments. Be it high temperature, rugged, high vibrations, moisture-induced environment, CMC offers you reliable solutions. We employ our expertise to provide you with innovative solutions, prototypes, and final manufactured products in one seamless



You can take advantage of our industrial cable manufacturing services via our plants located at Foothill Ranch, California and Mexico. These two facilities combined provide quality NAFTA compliant products at affordable outsourced rates. The Mexico plant offers a cost advantage, and can be utilized for mid-to-high production runs, and labor-intensive operations. On the other hand, California is ideal for designing and prototyping.


Specifically targeted towards enhancing the performance of cables and applications, the wires are manufactured using industry-specific material. We fabricate our cable assemblies with the following features to improve reliability.

  • Several high quality jacketing options:
    • TPE Jackets
    • Polyurethane Jackets
  • Variety of connector options:
    • Industrial Ethernet
    • Circular
    • Pin and socket
    • Many more
  • Specialty tapes are used to reduce friction in application
  • Ability to weather extreme temperatures, fire, moisture, vibrations, fungus, etc.


It can be used for a variety of functions like temperature measurement, pressure control, etc. CMC provides quality custom wire harness and cable assemblies that support demanding products like mining and network equipment. Our designers follow a rigorous manufacturing and testing process to ensure 100% compatibility of our products with your requirements. Our industrial cable assemblies are designed to not only support, but also enhance the performance of your products.

We have been providing custom solutions specifically for industrial applications for over nine years. We harness our cumulative experience to provide our clients with effective and reliable solutions even for the most complex designs.

Our products are ISO 9001, ROHS, and UL certified. With dedicated service and innovative products, we ensure complete customer satisfaction. Our products and services are accessible from two production facilities located in North America. To order standard or customized products for your application, please feel free to contact us at +1-949-716-1840 or click here for more contact information.

Visit our Project Gallery to view our accomplishments including various standard and custom designed products.